But the Device on My Arm Isn’t the End of the World

Let me preface this post by noting that I am not a medical expert, nor have I ever played one on TV.  I am, however, a Type 1 diabetic, and I’ve been that way for the last fifteen years.  I’ve fought my way through it and come to the realization that it’s not a battleContinue reading “But the Device on My Arm Isn’t the End of the World”

But I Won’t Forget My Old Reading Spot

As a kid, I remember having a reading spot.  It wasn’t exactly meant to be a reading spot; in fact, the place wasn’t intended for sitting of any kind.  It was a cabinet unit built into a three-foot wide nook along my bedroom wall. The cabinet was on the ground and came up to aboutContinue reading “But I Won’t Forget My Old Reading Spot”

But the Cat Has Nine Lives, So It’ll Be Okay

When I first met my fiancé—back when he was just a friend of a friend and someone who would gather together with our group to watch Game of Thrones—I’d heard stories about his cat. “David’s got an orange tabby. He’s not exactly a nice cat.” “The cat got out of the house, but David leftContinue reading “But the Cat Has Nine Lives, So It’ll Be Okay”

But I Still Believe in Love

I met my fiancé the Sunday after my 32nd birthday. It’s odd the details that stick with you. I recall that I’d spent that birthday in a ski resort in the Appalachian Mountains. I wasn’t at the resort for my birthday. No, I was there for a four-day work conference at the beginning of August,Continue reading “But I Still Believe in Love”

But There’s Still One More Story to Tell

I’ve always believed in the power of storytelling—its ability to transport or even transform a person through the words on a page, the images on a screen, or the lyrics in a song.  It’s not always easy, though, putting worlds together with a pen, a keyboard, or a camera. There are the bills to pay,Continue reading “But There’s Still One More Story to Tell”